Resurrection Family Services is the ministry of Dr. Stephen and Diantha Ford. Stephen and Diantha began in in ministry in 2000. Diantha has a Bachelors in education from Lee University and a Masters degree in curriculum and instruction from Ashland University. Stephen has a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Ohio State University, a Masters degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Walden University. They began in ministry working with children in children’s ministries, moved to a role as Administrative Pastors and finally as Family Life Pastors. Now they are in full time ministry through Resurrection Family Services.

Diantha has over twenty years in public education and Stephen has over twenty years of experience in Professional counseling and pulpit ministry. Resurrection Family Ministries was founded in 2009 primarily as a way to provide counseling services to families in underserved areas in Southeastern Ohio. However, in a constantly changing world the need quickly arose for other services.

In 2015 Resurrection Family Services added Mediation services to assist people that do not need traditional counseling services but need assistance in settling civil or domestic disputes. These services enabled Stephen to provide both counseling and mediation services to individuals, families, as well as churches and small businesses.

In 2016 Resurrection Family Services added a new level of services that was distinctly different from both counseling and mediation services. After repeated inquires for consultations to assist churches and business who were looking to build stable internal structures to build a strong administrative foundation to build and grow both churches and businesses, Resurrection Family Services began offering administrative consultation services.

We believe that we are uniquely positioned us to help people in life, in career, and ministry. If you are faced with challenges that have affected your life, your career or your ministry in a dramatic way Dr. Stephen Ford LPCCS can provide counseling, mediation or consultation  services to help you deal with any habits hang ups or addictions that may be causing upheaval in your life, Help you build successful administrate structures to manage your church or business for generations to come, or Help you mediate domestic or civil disputes that are creating problems in your family or in your business.

How is a Ministry Different from s Business?

As a ministry, it is our goal to provide counseling, mediation and consultation services in a caring, and compassionate and respectful way to anyone who needs them. I believe that I am here to serve my fellow man through what I do and I believe that the relationships that I build with people or between people will bring healing, wholeness, and peace in troubled situations. I also believe that by building healthy management structures for businesses and churches that I can help create stability, momentum, and growth for generations to come.